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Hey everyone! Mama and Me

My name is Michelle-Lynn and I am The Vegan Mama! I am a 28 year old mother to an amazing 18 month old daughter and my husband and I are happily expecting our second child this coming October.

There are many reasons for someone to embrace a vegan lifestyle, whether it be for the animals, the environment, health or for humanitarian causes. For myself, I became vegan for the animals and am transitioning to an increasingly high fruit diet for health.

I am passionate about bringing my children up in a compassionate environment that encourages healthy habits and animal advocacy.

The Struggle is Real, Mama!

With a young child whom is still nursing and a bun in the oven, prenatals, lactation support, maternity clothes and accessories have been taking up permanent real-estate in my thoughts for the better part of the past two years. Not to mention meal plans, snack time, DIY projects, kid friendly food and fun…so The Vegan Mama was born!

Mama on a Mission!

My goal in creating The Vegan Mama was to assemble a resource for other families. Whether you are trying to decide what baby monitor you will be using, or are at your wits end trying to find kid friendly meal ideas, The Vegan Mama is here to help!

If you are searching for a topic or product not yet covered here or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to send me an email at:

I love hearing from you!

All the best,


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One Thought to “Meet Mama!”

  1. I love the background color , a soft pastel is a good choice. It does not clash with all the other colors. Just stick with it and don’t keep adding new colors. It could end up looking like a circus if you do.
    Your Niche topic is a great one to choose. Many people are going that way when eating.
    My Wife,son, and myself have all gone vegan for about 2 and a half years now. I chose to do it for health reasons. I’m a diabetic and it has greatly changed my life.
    Congratulations on the new baby that is coming and keep up the great work.

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